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ICAD News - ICAD Collaboration with CSAG

ICAD collaboration with CSAG


One of our ICAD associates, Susanne, has recently been awarded a World Universities Network Research Mobility Grant and has thus had the opportunity to visit the Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) at the University of Cape Town in South Africa for a 10 day research visit.

CSAG, the leading climate information provider in Africa, are currently reviewing how to communicate and visualise climate projections through their Climate Information Portal. This work is very similar to Susanne’s PhD which looks at how to visualise climate information for adaptation practitioners in the UK and in Germany and the visit was thus intended to facilitate the exchange of experiences and research findings to date. Susanne presented her work as part of the CSAG seminar series and the visit was filled with detailed discussions and a very fruitful exchange of ideas. The collaboration with CSAG is set to continue beyond the research visit and comparative analyses and joint papers are planned for the not too distant future.