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ICAD News - British Council Research Link Visitor, Paulo Escada

Visiting Researcher from INPE, Paulo Escada, joins the research group


INPEWe are delighted to welcome Paulo Escada, researcher at Brazil’s Center for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies (CPTEC), part of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), who will be visiting the School of Earth & Environment under the British Council’s Research Links initiative and will join Professor Dessai's Climate Change Adaptation Group for his time here.

Through his proposed research, Paulo, who has previously focused on the history of numerical weather prediction in Brazil, will extend his focus to climate models and add a novel comparative element to the development of these types of models in the UK (studying the UK Met Office and/or the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) and Brazil. A better understanding of the development of weather and climate models can clarify the limitations and capabilities of predictions and its implications for decision making in a changing climate.

Brazilian science has achieved a significant position in the international arena in the last decades. CPTEC/INPE is the most advanced weather and climate prediction institute in Latin America and we hope that through this we can build new research links with this institute at all levels. With Brazil emerging as a scientific research powerhouse, making contact with CPTEC/INPE should greatly benefit the School opening up numerous opportunities and we anticipate that Paulo’s visit will establish a new research link not only with the Climate Change Adaptation Group led by Professor Suraje Dessai but also between CPTEC/INPE and the School of Earth & Environment.  

Paulo’s research is not only well aligned with ICAD but also EUPORIAS ( but also sits well with the University’s Climate and Geohazards Services Hub ( and the Met Office’s Academic Partnership ( of which SEE is a member.

Paulo will be giving a Seminar in February in the School of Earth & Environment for us to find out more about his work. Details to be confirmed.