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ICAD News - Call for Abstracts, ECCA 2015

Call for Abstracts for proposed session on Unpacking the co-production of knowledge in adaptation to climate change at ECCA 2015.

Deadline 1st February 2015

One outcome of our international workshop last September entitled "Better together?  Reconciling  the  supply of, and  demand  for, climate knowledge in adaptation decision making" has been that we have successfully submitted a Session Proposal for the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2015 (ECCA2015) conference to be held in Denmark this May 12-14th.

The session, entitled "Unpacking the co-production of knowledge in adaptation to climate change" was submitted by Professor Dessai and a group of attendees from our workshop and aims to unpack how, why, and to what extent, the concept of co-production can inform scholarly debates and practical exercises on adaptation to an uncertain future climate. It will bring together scholars from different disciplines across national contexts, to reflect on the socio-technical and institutional-political considerations affecting the co -production of climate knowledge and adaptation decision-making.

We welcome abstracts for submission via the ECCA2015 website prior to the closing date 1st February 2015.