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ICAD News - ICAD Launch

ICAD Launch

Royal Geographical Society, London

March 30, 2012

This took place in March and was attended by over 20 prospective stakeholders who joined in a lively discussion about adaptation science in the UK. ​ There were plenty of suggestions about sourcing data for the project and queries about the methodology we intend to use.

Steven Wade gave a talk entitled Constructing climate knowledge: Reflections on the Climate Change Risk Assessment which gave an overview of the CCRA and how it was created and received; whether it was a product or a process.

Joseph Lovell from Defra, talked about the evidence underpinning the Adapting to Climate Change Programme and provoked a discussion about the problems associated with data and the difficulties in obtaining it.

Juliette Daniels posed the question of how climate knowledge was being used, and raised concerns about the problem of the interpretation and translation of scientific information.

The afternoon session took the form of group discussion about adaptation science and it's barriers.

To receive copy of the minutes and a list of attendees click here