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ICAD News - ICAD Seminar - Manuel Gottschick

Dr. Ing Manuel Gottschick visiting Project ICAD

Wednesday 24th July,  13.00-14.00

Seminar by Dr.-Ing. Manuel Gottschick, University of Hamburg. “The socio-ecological context knowledge in climate adaptation research. Concepts from social science and experiences from KLIMZUG-NORD, sub-project Governance of Adaptation.” Location: Rm 10.125. For more information contact

Summary: This talk will be a short and intense overview of the German BMBF project KLIMZUG-NORD ( and the sub-project Governance of Adaptation. Case studies about stakeholder involvement will be introduced and strengths and weaknesses of such endeavors will be discussed. With help of the IRGC Risk Governance framework (Ortwin Renn) the socio-ecological knowledge context will be explored. Based on Manuel’s own framework that uses concepts from natural science, Adaptation Management, social science and policy, a comprehensive understanding and analysis of how stakeholders handle uncertainties will be explained. He will then draw on the discourse analysis findings which show that ‘uncertainties’ of climate knowledge have minor relevance for ‘my’ stakeholders. In fact they struggle more with so-called ‘uncomfortable knowledge’ and conceptualize ‘uncertainty’ as ‘blissful’. In case there is time left Manuel would like to embed these findings and concepts in the broader context of ‘investigative transdisciplinary transition studies for sustainable development’.